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Stopped smoking and now I don’t know if I want to again?

2022.01.24 16:06 PrettyInDivision Stopped smoking and now I don’t know if I want to again?

I was a daily, heavy smoker. I lived in a cloud of smoke. The problem was, I was getting severe anxiety from smoking so much. I stopped on the 1st or 2nd of January, and then took 3 hits on the 8th, and haven’t smoked at all since. My anxiety has gone down substantially, I feel calmer, my apartment is clean, I’m making healthy life choices. I didn’t necessarily wanna quit forever, I still have my weed. I just have no desire to smoke it.
I had plans for a weed wedding with my fiancé, I still like the smell of weed and the idea of getting high, but when I think about the anxiety and severe panic attacks it was giving me I just don’t know anymore. I still like weed, but I don’t know.
Anyone else go through this? Weed never gave me anxiety until a couple years ago but it got so so bad.
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2022.01.24 16:06 BradWurscht Au coeur de l'actualité

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2022.01.24 16:06 CelebWorldtk Taylor Swift

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2022.01.24 16:06 Ambitious_Ad4924 95 tahoe problems

So my 95 tahoe started having bad engine issues, its rough idling. Most times that I turn it on it will turn off after a few seconds, also at a stoplight I have to lightly hold the gas so that the engine wont turn on off. The muffler is also making a sound like as if it's a bit clogged or something. I've already replaced the idle control valve and a o2 sensor and checked the map sensor and knock sensor based on my dads advice but I dont think it has solved anything, is there any advice to solve this?
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2022.01.24 16:06 rustoren Facebook Hits Scotty With Targeted Ads For Waikiki Beach As Bushfire Warnings Appear In Newsfeed

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2022.01.24 16:06 Aranjii T-Mobile network issues

Is anyone on T-Mobile in the Chicagoland area? I'm having horrible network issues, it's been like this for the last few days not sure what's going on but no data whatever unless I'm on wifi. I popped my sim card into my iPhone and the network works flawlessly. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything funky with their service.
Yes I've done all basic trouble shooting.
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2022.01.24 16:06 CuriousTelevision941 Proud Moments

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2022.01.24 16:06 Much_Salary_3013 Exercise Gives You Energy

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2022.01.24 16:06 Lawbakgoh What do you think of ISTPs?

I want to hear what you guys think of them.
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2022.01.24 16:06 spacegato_ People who befriend furries should receive some sort of compensation for emotional damages

Ain't no way I just saw Rainbow Dash Pussy on my feed that a friend retweeted
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2022.01.24 16:06 abnormallyjollypeach Serving with Autism

I'm 21 and I work as a server in a small mom and pop restaurant. I've only recently discovered Im on the spectrum which puts me in a really strange position of trying to find myself and find coping mechanisms as an adult with autism. There just aren't alot of sources for us. Anyway, one of my biggest problems is processing what someone is saying to me in an overstimulating environment. I also work in the bar area alot so it's very loud. So talking to tables can be an issue. The other day I get a table of 4 older people. I take their orders as usual, get drinks etc. Then the guy to my right asks if he can have the Fried Fish and shrimp meal but with Grilled fish. (We have a dish with grilled fish) I get confused and mentioned that he could get a side of grilled fish or shrimp to any meal. Basically he could have ordered a Grilled fish meal but his wording confused me. There's a lot of back and forth where I'm not quite understanding what he's asking for. His wife beside him is sighing and saying "Oh my god" under her breath as I'm trying to understand. When I finally get it, I move on the the rest of the table. They proceed to point to each word of the menu as they read it out loud very slowly, with a horrible mocking tone. They all thought I was stupid. They were treating me like a child. It was humiliating. Working is so hard being ND and I want to scream at people sometimes that I'm autistic. I'm trying my best and it's so exhausting. Any advice for Servers on the Spectrum or ways to cope with social interactions like these?
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2022.01.24 16:06 BothBarracuda60 Aorus Xtreme RTX 3080 Waterforce WB - Hot spots

Here are a few shots of mine, before, during, and after clean-up. As you can see, the thermal compound that Gigabyte uses won't come out from between the tiny components surrounding the GPU. I actually filled the entire square with alcohol to try to scrub that out with a cotton swab, but to no avail.
Anyway, in first couple of shots you can see that there was either no coverage or it was so tight to the chip that there isn't any there. I was getting increasingly high hot spots on the GPU (45C gpu and 65C HotSpot), so I decided to open it up and repaste. I used Artic Silver 4, the same for my CPU (5950X on an Aorus X570 xTreme), and spread over entire chip + a small drop in the middle. Now with it running some intense 5120x1440, Rtx enabled games, I am seeing 38C GPU, 56C HotSpot. It' an improvement, but that #@$&# HotSpot is just irritating.
I've been water-cooling ever since 2008 and I've never seen such uneven die or block, whichever it is. So to make a long story shorter, I WAS WONDERING WHAT KIND OF THERMAL GREASE OR PAD has the greatest heat transfer for gaps in GPU/WB contact. Educated and experienced answers are very, very welcome. Thanks ahead of time!
P.S. I am a long time viewer, first time poster. I will take my answer off the air. ----------------------------------6---6---6---- I can't figure how to post pictures from my stinking phone with the options given through the app. I'll add the pictures when I get to my PC. I'm a PC, not an Android. Thanks for understanding!
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2022.01.24 16:06 KattyK2 Tests for long covid?

I just started trying to get help from my PCP and am trying to get on short term disability. So far all of the blood tests my Dr. has ordered came back fine and normal besides platelets. I am concerned without anything truly wrong and documented it will be hard to justify short term disability. Are there an specific tests I should be asking for that would show that something is clearly wrong?
The Dr. has also ordered a chest x-ray and echo cardiogram. From what I have heard most people haven't had luck with the echo cardiogram.
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2022.01.24 16:06 BunkerGhust Desmond Thomas Doss, WWII Medic and A Medal Of Honor Recipient. (The Medic who saved over 100+ people across 1943-1945 without holding or firing a weapon, Seventh Day Adventist) Battle Of Guam, Leyte, and Okinawa. World War II. (Inspired by u/Prade-Mismo's Post)

Desmond Thomas Doss, WWII Medic and A Medal Of Honor Recipient. (The Medic who saved over 100+ people across 1943-1945 without holding or firing a weapon, Seventh Day Adventist) Battle Of Guam, Leyte, and Okinawa. World War II. (Inspired by u/Prade-Mismo's Post) submitted by BunkerGhust to HeroForgeMinis [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:06 CelebWorldtk Zendaya's hard nipples

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2022.01.24 16:06 Hopefulmisery Managed an even less inspiring Joe Biden win than in real life

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2022.01.24 16:06 Acrobatic-Chef-98 Losercoin is a very humane crypto, with all the Noble giveaway campaigns. Etc. The more $Losercoin succeeds, the more good it will spread around the world 🌍❤

$Losercoin🪙 is coming to take over..!!!
Humane Campaigns, Defi, Marketing, great marketing strategy,
We have a great team, huge audience and over 150K holders.
$Losercoin Donated over 200 000 000 LOWB🪙 tokens,
To Rural areas. Etc.
The more $LOWB succeeds the more good it is going to spread.
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2022.01.24 16:06 HabibiGotIt I was banned from r/Israel for linking this. Truth hurts, I guess.

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2022.01.24 16:06 -Tugboat- SIG Sauer P365 XL - Sixty Second Sights

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2022.01.24 16:06 TotesNotaBot0010101 What random/obscure fear for others gives you anxiety?

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2022.01.24 16:06 shotparrot Workbook out of stock

I'm interested in buying the Designer workbook. I know there's tuts etc. online, but this is for my dad, who insists on old school printed out lessons.
Does anyone know when it might be back in print, or alternate printable (pdf) Designer lessons?
Affinity Designer Workbook - The Official Guide to Affinity Designer (serif.com)
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2022.01.24 16:06 IXPlayer9 [M4A] Light Up the Night (Destiny roleplay)

Extensive understanding of Destiny’s story or lore is NOT required. As long as you have a general understanding of what it is, you’ll be alright. I can fill you in with what you don’t know.
I’ll be writing in first person for the ease of the idea I have going here, but I can write in either first or third. Whatever your preference is.
This’ll be long, but I’m trying to set the scene for my character. I’ll go into possible places where your character can fit in after, but I’m also open to any ideas you have.
First, it was the Thorn. I found it, decided it was a powerful tool to fight back the darkness. The Shadows or Yore seemed to agree. However, I could not shake a nasty voice in my head. A hunger cropping up from within the holster at my side. I started to chase down my enemies with a ferocity I could not explain. No Guardians in the Crucible could escape my wrath, not even outside the Crucible. I never drained Light… but I felt myself get close. I dove into the Hellmouth, much like its wielder long before me. I tried to ditch it down there, but it refused to leave my side. Rather than continue to have such a dangerous, I took up a Hive blade, and attacked it. Tore the weapon apart and never looked back.
Then came another weapon of Malice. Many of them. The Necrochasm, the Touch of Malice… just like the Thorn, they whispered secrets to me. Influenced me into making decisions I would later regret. I lost many friends. Some I pushed away, others I buried. I may not have pulled the trigger, but my decisions sure did dig the holes they were laid to rest in. Those weapons did not last long, either.
Next, it was SIVA. Outbreak Prime was an incredible weapon, and the nanobots were nice enough. Once my Ghost had interfaced with it, it became incredibly pliable. It listened well, and seemed to cause minimal issues. That was, until I looked in my wake. Colonies had formed. Small, intelligent constructs at my beck and call. It worked well for a time, even allowing it to enhance my own body. That was a mistake. Much like the Darkness and Hive magic within the Thorn, it started to influence me. Kill more to create more SIVA to use. It worked, for a time. That was, until I turned another Guardian’s leg into SIVA. He survived, but it was a horrifying experience for the both of us. SIVA is and will always be apart of me, but ever since I dismantled its mode of transference, it has stayed dormant.
My mistakes were many, and the potential Darkness swirling around me terrified me. I had intended to leave as soon as I could, to remove myself from the Vanguard and the frontlines. I could not trust myself to leave the Darkness within me behind. To prevent myself from using anymore Dark Tools. But then Ghaul attacked. The Red Legion gave me purpose again. I stayed, and fought valiantly. I was apart of the fireteam which brought him down. I forged strong bonds that day, and they kept me around. Through the rise of the Vex on Mercury, and the awakening of the Hive on Mars with Xol. I sharpened my edge with Calus’s many challenges, never backing down. It helped dull the previous mistakes. Just a little.
Then Cayde-6 died. I fought with everything I had, tearing the Scorn apart. I recreated Outbreak Prime under the new name Outbreak Perfected. The Thorn found its way to me again. I obliterated each of the Fanatic’s council, and once I had Uldren in my grasp, I… ended him. I dirtied my friend’s weapon, sullying the name Cayde-6 with Uldren’s blood. I could not stomach myself after that. Rather than help end the catastrophe Uldren had wrought with Savathûn as his guide, I ran. Stole away to Venus, hiding in the jungles like the coward I was. I even left my Ghost behind. She did not like it, but I gave her no choice.
Years passed. Savathûn came. With her, came the Pyramids. I did not care. I stayed as far away as I could. Even as Calus tried contacting me. Many events came and went, and I never even tried to return. That was, until I was ripped from my hole on Venus and tossed inside a Pyramid looming above the planet. I was shown many things: Guardians using the Darkness. Eramis being defeated. The Deep Stone Crypt being attacked by Taniks. Savathûn had turned herself in. Guardians were working with the Fallen under the House of Light, and the Vanguard had signed a peace treaty with the Cabal’s empress Caitl.
I had stayed dormant for so long, appalled by my own actions, that I had not even thought about trying to sway others from my path. Yet I saw it. Guardians wielding Darkness. A power called Stasis I found myself disgusted with. That Savathûn was kept somewhere she could access to the Last City through a portal.
I made the necessary repairs to my ship and flew back to the Tower as soon as I could. My Ghost was furious, but I could tell she was happy to see me. I confronted the Vanguard, but I was told that if I was not happy with the current state of the Guardians, I could run away again. But I had no right to stop anything that was going on.
Rather than run, I decided I would stay. I would be the one to prevent whatever it was the Darkness was planning. I had peered into it myself. I knew it was not some benevolent being. It had not granted us powers to help us in our fight against our enemies. Our worst enemies answer directly to it. The Hive worship the Deep. The Vex commune with the Darkness and continuously try to retake the Black Garden. The Scorn are linked to it through their Dark Ether. There was no way Darkness wanted to help us.
So, I would be the first line of defense. If the Darkness truly had no ill-intent, then fine. But the moment it springs its meticulous trap, I will be among the few Guardians free of its influence, able to fight it back without any conflicting ideologies. I know the Traveler is imperfect. It abandoned the the Helium Drinkers once the Osmium Court accepted the Darkness. It abandoned the Eliksni once the Hive invaded. It is by no means perfect. But it stayed now, even as it died. I will defend it with my life, by any means necessary. I do not distrust the Guardians who use Stasis. But I distrust the power and the source from which is originates.
Hello, all! Thank you for reading my incredibly long set-up! If you haven’t guessed, I want to do a roleplay set during the current season of Destiny 2, Season of the Lost. I have played Destiny since the beta, and never put it down. Destiny 2 unfortunately lost my interest after I beat the Forsaken campaign. I never played during Last Wish, and was around for a short time during Season 8 and Season 9, but that was it. I did buy Shadowkeep, but never played. I missed season 10 up until now, but I’m back now. I’ve played everything from Shadowkeep up until season 15 (though have been unable to get anyone to do Last Wish, New VoG, or Garden of Salvation with me so far. I have gotten to do DSC, though).
So, my idea is to play a Guardian who left during the timeframe I was gone, only to come back to a completely changed Vanguard.
My idea is basically your character was one of the Guardians I had been in a Fireteam with for a long time. One who saw my decent into Darkness with the weapons. One who pulled me up from my dark place and kept me on the straight path. Or as straight as you could. One I never said goodbye to. Now we’re back, and you’ve embraced the Dark. Though, with far more control and elegance than I ever had with my weapons. My distrust is the Darkness is still there, but you manage to pull me back into the Vanguard with little fuss. From there, we proceed through season 15 into the Witch Queen events. Or whatever else, if you aren’t interested in Season of the Lost’s story.
I love detailed messages, and I’ll write on just about any platform. Shoot me a message or a DM and we’ll talk!
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2022.01.24 16:06 Dry-Sherbet-8795 Firebase z glitched

So I am doing the firebase z Easter egg and when I try to insert all three crystals it won't let me do the third one and I don't know what to do. This is like my fourth time attempting to do the Easter egg solo and something keeps happening.
Please someone help me
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2022.01.24 16:06 hjames1978 Waffles can jump high!😄

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2022.01.24 16:06 cbuth Ambassador of the United States of America in Germany

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