I just need somewhere to talk where maybe I can be understood

2022.01.24 16:16 ThrowRA_yello I just need somewhere to talk where maybe I can be understood

I have been talking to a guy online for over a year now. I could go on for a long time about this, there are so many details and things that have happened. But I will leave it at, he lied to me about being in a relationship. Got engaged after we met, and married. This is someone he has been with long term from what I can tell.
I believed him so many times, when he told me he wasn’t going to go through with it, he just needed me by his side so he could sort things out, and wanted to be with me. I believed him even after the wedding when he completely ghosted me during the whole thing when he continued to lead me on. I believed he wasn’t going to hurt me or lie to me or hide things from me anymore.
The relationship is becoming what I feel is abusive. We have never met, but he will do these things where he punishes me, if I talk about something I think he is hiding, if I’m upset, or “crazy” or “spazzy” as he likes to call it, he is allowed to not reply to me for days, or hours. Every time I do it adds an hour or whatever to the time. He blocks me all the time if I confront him about something he is hiding from me. He tells me to shut up a lot too. He always makes me feel stupid and like he is above me, he was not like this at all in the beginning
I don’t know what to do. I know it’s bad, but I have become so anxiously attached to him, I don’t know how to get out of it. Things feel worse without him. They are bad with him too, but at least there are some good moments. I guess I am just looking for some sort of hope. If you read this thank you
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2022.01.24 16:16 milleniemfalcon THANK YOU

I think therapists are one of the most under-appreciated people out there. I can’t fathom how you hold so much space for other peoples emotions all the damn time and keep on living an independent life. Plus you’re so freaking smart in ways that it seems like most of society isn’t and doesn’t understand the importance of. As I’ve been figuring out things with therapy for the last year or so I’m just blown away by all that you do and appreciate mental health workers so so much. It’s changed my life. You’re feelings wizards!
As a client I have trouble sharing stuff and usually can’t articulate more than a feeble “thank you” at the end of my session. But every time I say thank you I mean it big time. And I bet lots of other clients do, too, so please know today and all the time how much you mean to us and the world!
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2022.01.24 16:16 Moose_country_plants What’s going on with my birkin? It was putting out leaves pretty regularly then suddenly put out this shoot and hasn’t done anything in the past couple months. Is it just dormant or is there another issue

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2022.01.24 16:16 PapagamasJr What the hell does the number 54 on the hilt mean? - Don't judge my tmog, I know its hideous

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2022.01.24 16:16 Desperate-Response75 Plat 2 with U.A decklist

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2022.01.24 16:16 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2022.01.24 16:16 ilovethepancakes Surgery Regret

Fist time using Reddit, so I'm not too sure how it works but I guess I'll find out 🙈 I'm currently 2 months and a half post DJS and sliding genioplasty and I am having so much regret for going through with this surgery! I done it because I had a lot of pain in my jaw, lots of clicking and it used to lock in place sometimes. I also used to have breathing issue while sleeping, nothing too serious but enough to make my boyfriend wake me up because he thought I couldn't breathe. My image however was never an issue. I used to love how I looked and everyone always used to compliment me on my looks. Since surgery, my face seems so much longer and asymmetric. It moved my nose somehow, and now my right nostril drifts off to the side and is very off centre which makes my lips look off centre too. Not only that, but since surgery, I can't breathe out of my right nostril and it's constantly running! I've mentioned this to my surgeon and he said he's gonna have to open my nose up to see what's causing the obstruction. I haven't got any feeling in my bottom lip and chin, and I haven't seen any improvements since surgery. Not to mention that I have even worse pain in my jaws since surgery! My right jaw locks in place still and my left jaw sounds like it's always popping. Sounds just like popping candy. Sooo annoying and weird feeling. My smile also scares the shit out of me. I feel like I belong on the Grinch in Whovile. My nose and my smile were two of my favourite things on my face and now I hate them both! I feel like I've lost my identity. Never thought I would say this but I'm "glad" there's covid around, so that I can wear a mask everywhere and not have to show my face. As of yesterday, my chin has been feeling strange... it feels like my skin is getting caught on the screw or something. Can't explain it. And today there's a little bit of pain on the chin when I chew. Uggggh!!!! Feel like I'm constantly complaining about this to my family, but it's hard to see the positives right now. Any of you guys went through something similar?
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2022.01.24 16:16 PyroSouls Since we’re making “my opinion good, your opinion bad” posts now

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2022.01.24 16:16 nopenopenopenada Diapering on the cheap?

Are there any real solutions for cloth diapering a heavy wetter at night?
I have been doing day time cloth diapering for over 2 years. We are in the slow process of potty training, but need a solution for naps and bed time. My husband lost his job in December so we are cutting costs where we can and even just using 2-3 disposable diapers in a 24 hour period ends up costing about $30 a month. I would love to be able to use cloth diapers over night, but we have had serious issues with leakage when we’ve tried this in the past. Any practical solutions out there?
Any advice is very much appreciated!
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2022.01.24 16:16 Throwawaycomfycrocs My husband and I look normal on the outside but no one has any idea that we are secretly planning on ending our lives.

We are both nurses and we are under so much pressure at work. We have basically been on auto pilot these past few weeks, our car got repossessed and I am just getting over you know what. We have been looking for a cheaper rental because we just can't keep up with this current one.
We found a place that we could afford on Craigslist and it was almost too good to be true. I know this should have been a red flag and I don't know how it didn't occur to us then. It's just so hard finding a cheap place and it's even harder as a gay couple. The lady who advertised the place kept telling us that there were a lot of people who were interested in the listing and it would be unavailable soon.
Instead of this putting us off, it made us worry about potentially losing out. After searching for a long time and having no luck at all had worn us down. There was also the fact that our current landlord expected us to be out by the end of this month. The lady not minding the fact that we were gay was also a huge bonus.
My husband couldn't get off work to be able to physically view the place and I was still isolating so it was a challenge. We tried asking her to reserve it for us while we try sort out our schedule. She said she would try but could not guarantee that it would still be there.
She then said we could pay immediately as that would be the only way to secure it. She said we would then be able to move in anytime after that because it was apparently empty. This sounded a bit uncomfortable because how could we trust a stranger? She called so that we can talk over the phone and she didn't sound suspicious at all.
She was very well spoken, very friendly and even mentioned that her niece was queer so all the distrust melted away. She gave us her cashapp details saying it would be easier and faster that way. We thought about it for a bit then decided that all this makes sense. We paid the money and she acknowledged that she received it. When I came out of isolation last week, I decided to go view because we had to move in asap.
I texted her but it did not go through so I called her but the number just went straight to voicemail. I panicked and contacted my husband and he tried reassuring me that maybe she was just busy. When I checked the listing, it had disappeared. This confirmed that we had been hoodwinked. Its been a few days now and we have resigned ourselves to our fate. We have no idea if she was a regular scammer or if she just saw an easy opportunity.
Our landlord has tenants coming in this week and we are just done. We can't come up with another amount right now to get another place. Luckily we were able to easily obtain meds from work and are currently planning on ending it all. We just can't go on like this anymore. We have been through so much from being disowned for being gay to still being spat at for just holding hands in public.
Life should not be like this and hopefully the afterlife is more kind to not only us but to every single person who finds themselves in very difficult positions.
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2022.01.24 16:16 Line-Jumpy Here’s my 20AE

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2022.01.24 16:16 myr78 What powers would you personally like Sarada's Mangekyou to have? No wrong answers!

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2022.01.24 16:16 TuTopsy What is the dotted line that looks like a hammer on Google maps between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean?

I assume it’s a time zone thing maybe. But why is it in a hammer shape?
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2022.01.24 16:16 Apprehensive-Ask7420 Nunes reveals TRUTH Social's 'family-friendly' moderation policies

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2022.01.24 16:16 Bogaz Trying to explain to new players how to get rid of blinding spores

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2022.01.24 16:16 KerryNelson5 Wilsons Warbler from the Denali hwy, Alaska

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2022.01.24 16:16 violinplayer08 When you use your 4th finger on violin.

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2022.01.24 16:16 IhaveanIdeea If the amazing spiderman movies where in the mcu and they where made today.

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2022.01.24 16:16 Megaseelanti MSNBC Pack (January 24, 2022)

This pack includes:

To be updated
All times Eastern.
The pack contains both video and audio versions of all shows.
Download or stream here.
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2022.01.24 16:16 AzFullySleeved Dying Light 21:9 Ultra | 3440x1440 | 3700X | 5700XT benchmark

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2022.01.24 16:16 MatkingHD Drawing Spamton as random Characters everyday Day 91

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2022.01.24 16:16 SapphosRage Rue's probable way of paying for the suitcase

We all know Rue is downward spiraling at the speed of light with the whole suitcase debacle. But I just had an epiphany about how Rue is probably going to pay up about the drugs--I think she's going to extort Cal for the money.
Rue is obviously unhinged and doesn't care about hurting other people right now (see Gia & Ali) so I don't think she would even think that getting the 20k from Cal would hurt Jules OR alternatively if Jules and Elliot hook up (which it seems like they might from that last scene) maybe Rue will even want to hurt Jules for the betrayal. The amount of times in S1 Jules pressed into Rue about don't say anything about this and even verbatim "even if you hate me one day you can't tell anybody about...[cal & jules hooking up]".
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2022.01.24 16:16 fokcfuf1 [Seiko 5] SNK791

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2022.01.24 16:16 xpedus Is this sub dead?

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2022.01.24 16:16 that_random_Italian Opening brand new butter

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