I don’t think DWAC is through. But had to get mines.

2021.10.22 12:48 Unfuquitable1 I don’t think DWAC is through. But had to get mines.

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2021.10.22 12:48 Bigbull_0208 Omg 😱😨😱😨

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2021.10.22 12:48 Vietdude100 Safelife Vest discussion

Moving on, I would asked myself why Safelife vests are very common in the industry. I believe why it's common is because it's very cheap and affordable. And yes the tactical vest looks very sleek.
However, I have a major concern with the brand. First of all, their standard IIIA is NOT OFFICIALLY certified by NIJ only independently tested by the lab that is accredited by the NIJ. It's not the same thing. The only product that is officially NIJ certified is the IIIA+ which basically just added spike protection. That said, sure it's better than nothing. However, I would not risk my life with the vest that is not NIJ certified.
Secondly, there are rumors that the panels themselves are manufactured in China which is a huge red flag to us. Because of the lack of quality control in China, it can be a potential safety hazard for us and heck it can't last for a long time.
Third, is how bulky the panels are, especially if you're wearing concealed. It can be really uncomfortable to wear for the long run due how heavy it is.
If I were you stay way from safelife. Back then I made a grave mistake of buying their panels (the carrier is fine). I would suggest you if you're looking for vests, go to Safariland, Galls, US Armor, and Pacific Safety Products
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2021.10.22 12:48 Sad_Blood3733 Berserk

Berserk 1997 yapımı olan seriyi bitirdim sinirden elim ayağım titriyor amına koyim ama bitirecem bu seriyi sırf guts'ın griffithi siktiğini görmek için izlicem anını skim hangi sırayla izlemem gerek biri söylesin manga ya elinde sonunda başlicem ama son tercihim
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Each week Moonshot reveals one micro cap cryptocurrency which he believes has the potential for exponential growth.
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Join his Telegram account for investment ideas here
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2021.10.22 12:48 Samplays009 How to make a throwaway account if it requires my phone number?

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2021.10.22 12:48 urfaselol [Bontemps] Joel Embiid is shooting free throws with a wrap on his right knee. Embiid is questionable for tonight’s game against the Nets with right knee soreness.

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2021.10.22 12:48 reddit_feed_bot andrewklavan: Is the left having this much fun? I don't think so! https://t.co/zBo1Fd6HPw

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2021.10.22 12:48 OoooTooooT Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Toronto?

That's very knowledgeable about setting up estates, Henson trusts, and ODSP policies?
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2021.10.22 12:48 Middle-Trouble-8822 Blonde Girl Farting | Girl Farts |

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2021.10.22 12:48 SixthDimensionX Coffee Time

Coffee time with Six. Don't know what to play today :O
Come have a chat - follow for follow as always
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2021.10.22 12:48 BDAZBTY 2018 1500 SILVERADO

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2021.10.22 12:48 -Ruby89- Everytime my baby is about to fall asleep in my arms…

After intensive bouncing, moving, walking, singing and praying… somewhere on my body there will be an itch.
The most incredible, loud, need-to-scratch itch.
Baby: 😑 Me: scratches carefully Baby: 👀???
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.22 12:48 DeadPixel717 Rendered Result of Spider character

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2021.10.22 12:48 Camanny [WTT/WTS] my FDE RMR 19.5 slide for your G45 slide (AZ)

Hey y’all, I have this purdy stripped glock 19 gen 5 slide in FDE with an RMR cut and front serrations. It’s a beat, great condition. Traded for it so i’m not sure who cut it but it is very clean.
Looking to trade this for a plain stripped Glock 45 slide plus $115 ish, or for a Glock 45 Slide (black) with a 509T cut
Or, I will sell it outright
Thanks for lookin!
TV $380
Fits 19, 45, 19x
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2021.10.22 12:48 webkilla The Long Game: Chapter 17 - Killing For Sport

Getting down on the ground to avoid being spotted between the shadows and tall trees, Fred tried to see what he could tell about this alien. She seemed… grey-brown, but that was difficult to pin down. It might be mud? She was moving too fast for him to really get a good look at her skin color or physical features – but if that was a normal sized white-tail deer, then she was big, like a pro-boxer or wrestler. Essentially, she had a physique not unlike Fred’s, which certainly wasn’t a fact in his favour.
Ok, she seemed busy and oblivious of him – why not go look at where they had come from? The deer seemed to have been wet recently… and that meant a stream. With these notions a plan hatched in Fred’s head: Check on the potential water source first, then track the alien and perhaps ambush her while she’s working the deer over.
Continuing along the ridge, being careful to stay out of sight of the alien fighter and not making too much noise while walking around, Fred headed in the direction that the deer and alien had come from. He didn’t have to go far before he spotted the stream they seemed to have crossed. There was a spot with some wet rocks that seemed passable – and a bit muddy patch where it seemed the deer and slipped and fallen in for a bit, explaining why it had been so dirty.
Upstream of the muddy patch, Fred found the water clean and with no suspicious taste or smell. Quenching his thirst, Fred damn near drowned as he fell over into the water when he heard a small frog croak behind him.
Ok, making all that noise was probably bad – but so was drowning – so… did the alien hear him? Sitting still in the shallow stream, Fred listened for a moment.
Standing up – which was a fair bit more difficult than first expected, due to the muddy silt and slippery rocks that made up the bottom of the steam – Fred looked around. A god damn frog? Sure there’d be a frog in a forest… hold on. Ish on the ship had never been able to recreate living things – so how had they made frogs and deer?
Up on dry land again, Fred looked for the frog. It didn’t take long for him to give up, the frog clearly having been frightened off from the noise he’d made – but that’s when he heard the slight croak again.
Curiosity bid him try to at least spot the damn thing, but it didn’t seem like the frog was croaking very frequently, making it difficult to home in on its location. It didn’t help either that Fred had the tracking skills of a sack of turnips. Luckily, it turned out that tracking or listening or the frog wasn’t that necessary: Just looking around did the trick fairly quickly: The frog was rather difficult not to miss!
Bright green and red, the little thing wasn’t more than a thumb – and Fred might not have been a wildlife expert, but he’d seen enough discovery channel and shit on the internet to recognize a poison dart frog when he saw it: “Ok, useful… now how do I catch it without touching it?”
Indeed, being naked the exceedingly poisonous frog made for a tricky asset to exploit. Quickly snatching up some large leaves, Fred figured that he could catch the frog under the leaves without touching it directly. This turned out to work, but it also resulted in the frog being squished quite thoroughly under Fred’s meaty fists.
Right, could this be salvaged? Fred had no clue if rubbing his spear-tip on the remains of the frog had any effect – but he did figure out how the frog had been ‘made’: It was a very tiny robot clad in what looked like a very lifelike imitation of real frog skin, just like the robo-rhino he had fought back on the ship. Neat.
Wait, so the deer would also be a robot? How would that allow him or the alien to eat the meat from the deer? Ugh…. More questions. Fred hoped that he could just end this quickly.
At least it wasn’t that difficult to track the alien and the deer – they hadn’t exactly been subtle in their merry chase. The clear path of disturbed leaves, heavy footprints and tracked mud was clear as day to see.
After a bit Fred came to an edge of the forest with lots of bushes. The tracks led through the bushes, and it was clear that they had been crashed through by a panicked deer. Peering through the bushes, Fred spotted the alien hunched over out beyond the tree line, in the grassland beyond.
The tall grass didn’t leave all that much room for Fred to sneak up on the alien, and the wind ever so slightly in his back and to the right. Fred debated very heavily with himself whether he should just charge in, or try to sneak up on the alien?
Waiting for a moment, trying to listen to what the alien fighter was doing, Fred got down on all fours and tried rather clumsily to crawl closer. This didn’t work at all – the grass wasn’t that tall, and he kept looking up to see if the alien. This resulted in Fred being spotted very quickly.
Maybe it was a sound, maybe she saw the sharp contrast of his brown hair and ‘I am an engineering student who spends too much time indoors’ pale no-tan peeking up from the green grass. Either way the alien woman quickly got up, spinning around to face Fred’s general direction at the same time.
Being much closer, this gave Fred a great view of the alien: Female, yes. Naked, that too – but thoroughly caked in half-dried mud. Camouflage maybe? She had the build of an eastern European female power lifter – the kind of babushka you imagine eating the men she destroys in arm-wrestling contests and ripping bears apart in her spare time. Her face was only vaguely human, with her eyes being oddly featureless dark orbs, and her nose being just two flat slits that were a little too high up to look human. Oh and the parts of her body not covered in mud had a notably blue-grey color.
Also, she had what looked like a crude sharpened stone cutting tool in one hand, and a broken off deer antler in the other – both thoroughly covered in blood, indeed she was bloody up to her elbows. Her face was also quite bloody, and she was chewing. It seemed as if she enjoyed her meat raw.
In the split second after her getting up and spinning around, and Fred likewise trying to get up, the alien had already closed half of the distance between the two. The cracked bit of stone with a sharp edge was held out in front, she seemed to aim for a quick stab or cut. Fred jumped backwards, knowing the ground behind him quite well – having just crawled over it.
The initial momentum of her assault gone, the alien tossed the broken bit of antler at Fred as he brought up his spear. With one hand free – a hand that featured thicker and more bony fingers – she rushed Fred again.
The lack of any kind of vocalization from the alien was a bit odd to Fred. Oh sure, he’d fought plenty of other alien fighters – a lot of them howled, or screamed, or shouted what was likely jeers at him, but silence? That was new.
With his spear finally up in a defensive position, Fred found it relatively easy to exploit his superior reach to fend off the alien – he even made a few jabs, but the ‘sharpened’ point of his wooden spear was about as pointy as a rusty spoon. So much for that advantage.
Still, it worked as a staff – sort of. It was a little too bendy to be a good staff, but Fred got some good whacks in none the less.
Suddenly the alien made a wild lunge with her free hand, trying to grab the stick. Fred drew it back, and the alien’s featureless eyes seemed to track him – it was impossible to read her expression – but her follow-up revealed a level of intelligence and clever thinking that Fred found surprising: Taking another step towards Fred, maintaining her momentum, she swung around her stone tool at an angle that Fred couldn’t defend against lest she grab the staff.
Ok, clever girl. One snap decision later Fred reversed his momentum, kicking off instead of stepping back – bumping into the alien chest to chest and staggering her. Caught too early, she hadn’t gotten her stone tool into position for a stabbing, but Fred followed up with a headbutt. It wasn’t very forceful – she was already pulling away – but it forced her back harder, allowing Fred to swing the staff at her head.
With a rather obvious swing to her head coming her way, the alien quickly put up a meaty arm and very beefy fingers – with only four fingers on her hand – in order to catch the stick. This worked, but not quite as intended.
With the tip thoroughly smeared in squished poison arrow frog remains, the moment that she parried the staff the momentum at the tip of the stick carried on in the frog goop on it… flinging the poisonous remains onto her face and into the alien’s unblinking eyes.
It struck Fred that, indeed, he hadn’t seen her blink at all – but the reaction to getting gunk in her eyes was rather immediate: The alien instantly recoiled, letting go of the staff and stumbling backwards.
Seeing an opportunity, Fred tapped the alien on her right with the stick. This made the blinded alien swing out wildly with her stone tool, but Fred darted around her on the other side, putting her in a chokehold, or at least trying to.
Now, this was an alien – but it still needed to breathe…. Well, probably. Its throat structure was markedly differently, forcing Fred to adjust his arm a few times – and she still had that damn sharp stone jab at him with, but to Fred’s surprise it didn’t take that many seconds to make the alien pass out. Maybe it needed more oxygen than he did?
Once out cold Fred dropped the alien, her collapsing on the ground. Her eyes didn’t look so dark anymore – more reddish… and there we go, the scenery dissolving into silverlight.
A short while later, back in the staging area – and clothed once again – Fred was greeted by Lady Vris, along with what looked like a very large number of fans and followers. It was quite an entourage, along with all of their alien slave servants and attendants. With such numbers there wasn’t room in the small force-field cage, so with a deft gesture Lady Vris had the whole thing deactivate and melt away.
Quite a few of Lady Vris’ admirers seemed quite shocked to see the brute of an alien fighter suddenly freed to walk up to them, but Fred stopped in front of Lady Vris.
Oh how Fred wanted to have words with his trainer – angry words, ones about how she was never to pull a stunt like that again – but with all the other shining ones watching? He knew well enough that he had to play the role of the subservient and obedient battle-thrall: “Lady Vris”
“A marvellous fight – and so quick! Everyone expected this to take days. I’m very impressed” Lady Vris said in a notable haughty tone, her ridiculously extravagant gown gleaming with prismatic gemstone, though so did the outfits of all the other shining ones, with only the comparatively drab clothes that the servants wore sticking out like high-contrast shadows.
Fred so dearly wanted to say something spiteful back at Lady Vris – but he chose not to pick that fight right there, instead noting that with all the other shining ones around her, all of them in their overboard garbs, then they really didn’t look apart that much. The main difference between most of them seemed to be the patterns and colors in their clothes, but that just denoted what noble house they were part of. Maybe they used smell to tell each other apart, because to Fred they all more or less looked the same.
“Truly Lad Vris, an impressive fighter. You certainly have a strong contender for the finals here” another shining one, a female, remarked. The tone of her voice had been less than enthused – spiteful, but trying not to sound so.
Throwing a brief glance at the shining one who had spoken to her, Lady Vris let out a brief laugh: “Ha yes – I told you he would defeat your fighter. It seems that your ability to pick winners is less than perfect Lady Feef”
Lady Feef bowed her head, Fred barely managing to catch the angry grimace that she was trying to hide: “Indeed…”
With the throat-baring bow, Lady Feef excused herself, all the while Lady Vris beamed with pride and crowd cheered – because who doesn’t love a winner? Fred found the display rather tacky – it was obvious that Fred had just gotten lucky, at least to himself. The next two fights in the tournament reflected this, the change of tactics in his foes being quite apparent:
One first one successfully managed to string together a simple but effective guile suit before Fred found him, allowing him to sneak up on Fred and tackle him. Sure, Fred could easily get up again – but in the precious few seconds between going down and getting up again, the alien fighter had snatched his rifle.
Oh boy.
Fun question: How do you explain a gun, a rifle, to a stone-age hunter-gatherer? Fred figured that whatever the trainer of this alien caveman had done, then the fighter had gotten the impression that it was some kind of bow… because it was holding it like a bow, but looking rather confused at where the bowstring was – and it was obvious that Fred wasn’t carrying any arrows.
Getting up, the alien stepped back, brandishing the weapon in what it probably thought was menacing – Fred just found it kind of sad. He then drew his sidearm, a very effective handgun-sized shotgun, and unloaded it in the alien’s face. What followed next was the same as always – the arena dissolving into silverlight.
Another thing that Fred quickly had become increasingly accustomed to, was the sight of the alien’s reinforced skull. Under slightly more normal conditions, not that fighting in an alien gladiator arena could in any way be called normal, then unloading what amounted a one-hand blunderbuss into someone’s face would probably have resulted into the target not having a head anymore.
This wasn’t the case with these fights.
It was part of the bio-boosts, from what Fred had understood: All fighters, and fighting creatures, had gotten their skulls and spines reinforced to the point of effective indestructibility to ensure that nobody actually died in the fights – at least not permanently. Fred faintly recalled having been introduced to something similar much earlier, but it wasn’t until he had started bringing guns into the mix that he had started to regularly seeing the effects of this. Sure, once ‘killed’ the silverlight protecting a downed fighter or creature would supposedly put you into a chemically induced dreamless coma until repairs were done – but blasting someone’s head to the point that the only thing left was a scorch-marked skull hanging onto a spine was… extreme.
The second fight put Fred up against a fighter who turned out to like digging – So traps, pit-falls and other fun trickery put Fred on edge as he walked the barren wasteland that the arena was set to appear as. He had already stepped into two pits, one full of sharp stones – his armored boots protecting him just fine from that, but he second had contained strangely speckled alien eggs filled with some kind of dust… probably some kind of poison – but again, boots, so Fred never truly got into contact with the stuff, though it did stain his armor with bright orange powdery spots, and it had severely impacted his ability to breathe for a while.
How his opponent had managed to set up traps like that so quickly… this meant that his foe was fast, and probably also really good at hiding. Fred’s helmet, his thick but clear plastic visor, it felt hot in the wasteland… and the air was dusty and dry. Sure, he wasn’t excepting to pass out from dehydration any kind soon, but perhaps it’d be smart to upgrade his standard loadout with a water bottle or two, especially to wash his mouth of poison dust or whatever that crap was.
Walking carefully, and increasingly annoyed that everything looked like freshy dug dirt which made it impossible to see if any specific patches of dirt had been recently dug into, Fred couldn’t but feel as if the whole arena had been built to favour the other fighter. Sure, the relatively flat terrain made it easy to see far and wide, he hadn’t seen any kind of trace of his target… only the traps left by the alien cavemen.
“Lady Vris – these traps – they have to have been made by the other fighter, right? But they were so close to my starting point” Fred asked out loud, not caring to spot where the camera drone was hiding.
Just as Lady Vris was about to reply, it struck Fred that the enemy trainer’s camera drone should be visible to him somewhere. As he plodded through the rough dirt towards the nearest mound, Lady Vris replied: “Yes. It’s been done before – it’s a tried and true strategy: A fast runner who puts out traps, then lies in wait”
Up on a mound, one of the few bits of high ground in the otherwise featureless arena, Fred looked around to see if the enemy camera drone was visible. Fred figured that if the enemy trainer was anything like Lady Vris, or most of the other shining ones he had met, then he couldn’t imagine the other trainer being smart enough to hide his or her own camera drone.
It took a bit of spinning around, but after Fred had made himself dizzy enough to pause for a moment, he looked up and saw a beachball-sized orb of whatever space-age super-glass the spheres around the drones were made of, peeking up from behind a small bit of dirt.
Fred had thoroughly tested the grenade launcher he had developed, and Ish had perfected the design – but he hadn’t used it in battle yet. This left Fred with the terrible conundrum: High-explosive or incendiary?
Choosing to bring the heat first, figuring that it might flush the fighter out of whatever hole he was hiding in, Fred fired an incendiary grenade over at where he’d seen the drone. To Fred’s surprise nothing really happened… and then something came up from behind him and knocked him into the dirt.
Fred quickly tried to get up, but this fighter seemed clever enough to not just allow that: Fred’s foe was trying to pin him down in the soft loam.
His visor completely obscured, and with the labored breathing one might associate with the sudden adrenaline spike from the fight or flight reflex Fred was experiencing, he wasn’t in a good spot: His arms were pinned, and he was pretty sure that his foe had a foot on his back. Still, this kind of sneak attack hadn’t been completely unexpected, but his countermeasures required that he was facing his foe.
Struggling for a moment, Fred felt that his opponent was trying to jam something in under his helmet – which wasn’t easy, because between his helmet and the armored collar around it Fred had specifically designed his armor to not allow people or animals to get at his throat and neck. Trying pull the helmet off didn’t work either – the armor was designed to only come off via dissolving it in silverlight.
Seizing the moment, as he sensed that his foe was momentarily confused about how to crack Fred’s armored shell, Fred kicked with his legs and twisted, rolling over.
The sight that met him was an alien mid-stumble, a being with skin that was… too pink? But it was covered in a very dirty and quite dirt-brown hooded cloak. In the split second their eyes met Fred only managed to bring his arms up – but the alien was quick to react just the same, striking him with, not a spear, but a strong wooden staff with a large blunt rock attached at the end. This wasn’t a spear – it was a mallet!
The strike pounded Fred’s arm down onto his chest, hard. It hurt, but mostly just from the sudden impact, not from anything breaking – even though Fred did spot a big old dent on the armor over his right wrist. Holy shit.
Trying to pull the blunderbuss – nope, knocked away. Grenade? Nope, knocked away.
Quickly tiring of being swatted with the stone mallet, Fred opted to feint trying to draw a weapon from his bandolier, but instead he grabbed the mallet with both hands. The alien tried to pull the mallet back, but Fred held on tightly. The alien’s face was caked in dirt, but the grunting noises it made sounded quite displeased.
The alien tried to yank again, but this time Fred followed along, using the momentum to help pull him up. It only got Fred up half-way, but it was enough that he could get a foot back to steady himself – then the alien tried to push him and the mallet down again, but Fred twisted to the side and let the mallet glance off his armor.
Up close to his foe, Fred continued his forward momentum, ending up face to helmet. This was just fine for Fred, seeing as that mallet was useless that close. The knives that Fred had on him? They worked just fine.
The alien staggered backwards, three stab-wounds in its back. It had dropped its mallet, and with the added distance between them Fred pulled out his hand-cannon blunderbuss: “Yield”
It was obvious that the alien didn’t understand Fred – but the downward gesture was obvious enough: The alien sank to its knees, its legs bending… wrong… at least by human anatomy standards.
“Lady Vris – I believe this fight is over” Fred proclaimed, feeling reasonably certain that there wasn’t any more fight left in his foe.
The enemy trainer’s camera drone sphere floated up next to the alien fighter. Fred could see the somewhat blurred mechanisms inside slidding back and forth, focusing on the injuries – probably to see how bad things were.
Pointing his blunderbuss at the enemy trainer sphere, Fred smirked as he fired the weapon. He knew that it probably wouldn’t do much – maybe just injure the fighter from some of the ricocheting shot – he hadn’t expected the blast to punch straight through the orb and the camera drone inside. The sphere dropped to the ground.
“What? Why did you do that?” Lady Vris’s voice called out inside Fred’s head, vaguely in the direction of her camera drone.
“To hammer home the point that I don’t think this fighter deserves that kind of fate. Has the other trainer yielded yet?”
There was no immediate reply from Lady Vris, but the look on the alien’s dirt-caked face was one of utter horror.
As Fred turned his head to face the fighter, it threw itself on the ground before him, saying all kinds of weird alien stuff. Fred had no idea what it was saying – but the tone and context was unmistakable: This was a creature begging for its life… or maybe praying to him – hard to tell.
…never mind that the blunderbuss was a one-shot weapon – but this poor soul obviously didn’t know that. It just knew that Fred had a boomstick that brought thunder and killed its master’s sphere-thingy.
The ground began to dissolve into silverlight moments later.
Back in the staging area, Fred was met by Lady Vris and her entourage – but this time Lady Vris appeared upset: “You’re not supposed to engage the trainer remotes”
“And the trainers are supposed to yield the fight when their fighters cannot win – how about you remind them to play by the rules too?”
The hushed murmurs and shocked gasps from Lady Vris’s entourage spoke volumes: A fighter backtalking to a trainer? Unheard of! Lady Vris certainly looked very uncomfortable: “You will do as intructed!”
“You never told me not to target enemy trainer remotes – but fair enough… I’ll keep that in mind for future fights” Fred replied, his beefy arms crossed.
Later, back on the ship and in private, Lady Vris expanded on the confrontation: “Look, I know that Lady Iris should have given up the moment her fighter got stabbed, but you cannot behave like that in public!”
“Fair enough – I just… that fighter was down. It shouldn’t have been a difficult decision to make, and I guess I just vented that frustration on you after the fight” Fred said, feeling plenty remorseful at that point, having had time to reflect on his own behaviour.
Lady Vris in kind noted that she had actually been quite worried when she saw Fred getting knocked down like that. Gesturing with her fork at Fred over the dinner table, she seemed to try to express an emotion she didn’t seem very experienced in: “It looked like you might actually lose… the fighter had a knife of some kind, and she was trying to cut your throat from behind”
“My armor is designed specifically to make it impossible to get at my throat, or any other part of me. But you’re right… my armor isn’t designed to protect against people sneaking up on me. How much time do I have until my next fight?” Fred replied, grateful of the sentiment that Lady Vris appeared to be expressing.
It turned out that Fred was ‘ahead’ in the fights, most of the other fighters still being locked in their earlier bouts – a lot of those two to three day ‘start naked with nothing’ fights still being on. This gave Fred plenty of time to tinker in the whiteroom.
Fred’s next fight was a semi-final apparently, but it was very quickly wrapped up: Fred’s new and improved double-barrelled hand-canon blunderbuss, now with one for each hand, allowing Fred to utterly destroy the sort-of reptilian looking fighter he was up again after having flushed the alien out of hiding using a likely toxic and decidedly unhealthy mix of smoke and incendiary grenades.
The final was even easier – from the looks of it mainly because the fighter Fred had gone up against having seen footage of Fred’s previous fights, so the poor thing actually seemed to know what she was getting into – and she wasn’t having any of it. Sure, the particular fighter had the physique of a three-meter tall space gorilla with mottled brown fur, but once Fred started pointing his rifle in her direction the giant creature shrieked and dove for cover.
Grenades, flush out of cover, pop goes the weasel – this was a song and dance that Fred was quickly getting the feeling would start become somewhat tedious.
The remaining tournaments progressed roughly similarly: Any fighter Fred came up against who seemed to have any idea of what Fred could do were scared shitless. Any fighting creature he came up against would mainly just blunder into his mine-fields, and the few that fell outside of the usual categories were dealt with in new and novel ways, such the giant bug-monster that Fred finally got his flame-throwers tested against. All of them fell before the mighty war-smith of house Xilas.
After a few weeks Fred and Lady Vris had the necessary tournament wins to secure themselves a spot on the final championship roster, to which end the two celebrated aboard the ship.
“To the mighty war-smith!” Lady Vris called out. She didn’t do so while raising a glass to Fred’s honor, instead she held aloft a special chunk of bloody red meat, and with her fingers thusly stained she drew them over Fred’s brow, granting him that mark of honor. Fred found the whole ritual rather silly, but Lady Vris had equally found the idea of toasting to someone really silly.
During their subsequent meal Ish notified the two that a message from a ‘Lady Ivu’ had been received.
Lady Vris instantly perked up upon hearing this, dropping her utensils: “Show it”
Fred merely raised an eyebrow as a holographic display was extruded from a hatch in the floor. Was this a message from a fan, another admirer? Lady Vris had gotten several messages of that nature, but this one turned out to be different. The message showed a faintly luminescent image of a shining one female, wreathed in jewellery to the point that a notable jingling was heard every time she opened or closed her mouth.
“Gaudy” Fred commented, Lady Vris nodding: “Yes, but shush now”
The pre-recorded message was short and to the point: “Lady Vris, my dearest sister. Mother has heard of your victories, to which end you’ve been summoned to stand before the House Arbitrator, to be judged if you are fit to appear before the imperial court”
Ok, so her family wanted to see if she was up to snuff before the final tournament? No big deal right? Or… maybe? Fred looked at Lady Vris: She had begun to cry.
Now, Fred had born witness to Lady Vris crying in many ways at this point. Everything from uncontrollable weeping like a child when injured, to a more controlled ‘please stop hitting me’ type of crying, to cries of ecstasy while the two were in bed together… and this was somewhere in between the first two kinds of crying, not the happy sexual delirious crying her kind apparently couldn’t help themselves from doing: “What’s wrong?”
“I… of course they would, wouldn’t they” Lady Vris simply said, not coming off as very communicative. Attempts to comfort her, even touching her, just made her withdraw or shy away.
It took a few attempts to tease out the most critical bits of information, but the crux of the issue seemed to be similar to that original crab-bear fight: Her family had caught on to her rise to fame, and wanted to test her – that much was obvious from the message – but the subtext was, according to Lady Vris, that she might simply be stripped of trainer privileges and be forced to yield Fred to a more favoured member of her house, who would then get all the real glory by going to the imperial court for the final.
“Ok, that’s no good – isn’t there any way to fight this?”
Squirming in her side of the bed-nest, picking at the tray of food next to the bed with little sign of interest, Lady Vris melodramatically sighed: “That’s what the arbitrator is for – but I’m not favoured. They only gave me the trainer privileges to get rid of me… nobody ever expected me to actually find someone like you and start winning anything”
Fred frowned, trying to swim through the sea of comfy pillows over to Lady Vris: “I’m sure we can talk sense into them – or at least convince them that if they take me away from you, I’ll refuse to fight. It’ll be their embarrassment if they transfer me and suddenly, I start losing”
With a snort, Lady Vris steadied her nerves for a moment: “You’d do that for me?”
“I told you I’m in this to win this – but that’s only because of the terms we’ve agreed on. I think we can both agree that nobody else is going to give this much leeway” Fred noted, extending a hand to the sniffling lady.
Letting herself be drawn in, Lady Vris revelled in Fred’s higher-than-norma-for-a-shining-one’s body temperature: “I hope it doesn’t have to come to that. It’s been a long time since my house had a fighter or fighting creature get this far”
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2021.10.22 12:48 SlaughterBunni losing it

Well, I seem to be losing just about everything at the moment. Dont really know where to turn, so I've found myself on reddit. I have been dealing with mental illness my entire life. Depression, anxiety, ptsd, but recently I drove myself to crisis care and explained what had been going on as of late which included a series of blackouts, where I had full blown violent meltdowns, hurt myself and my partner, and when I came to I had no memory of anything that had happened and i was covered in bruises and scrapes and the house was in shambles..... its been an extremely terrifying experience and I finally went to crisis care to ask for help, which is when I was told I have Bipolar 1, and have not been correctly medicated.... so now, my partner has one foot out the door because theyre scared of me.... I am scared of me, I am in the process of meeting my new doctors and therapists and learning about this new diagnosis and what I can do to prevent these blackout spells... I am overwhelmed... I truly believe that if these doctors dont get to the bottom of this Im going to end up dead.... the memory loss is terrifying, the fact that I'm about to lose my family is terrifying... a new diagnosis... terrifying. I just dont know what to think or what to do... or how to redeem myself at this point. Any advice or friendship would be greatly appreciated right now.
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2021.10.22 12:48 No_Butterscotch3777 Do you think Hagrid tried to raise Harry as if he were one of his pets?

This relates to another theory I've seen that hagrid was secretly trying to lure Harry into dangerous situations to kill him or maim him (its been a while since I seen the theory).
Hagrid enjoys rearing rare beasts, even if they are incredibly dangerous. He appreciates their potential. While it's still fucked that he would lure children potentially to their deaths, do you think that maybe he saw Harry's potential?
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2021.10.22 12:48 Deq1Ng Texture settings always reset to "Standart"

Can change all graphic settings but after reboot game - texture still "Standart", not ultra. So - all video settings have been changed, but texture quality - reset to standart =\
My spec: RTX 2070 Super 8Gb, 32Gb RAM, Ryzen 7 3700x.
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2021.10.22 12:48 d1223 Price check on eth titans revenge

It's almost perfect. Ethereal, 196% enhanced damage and 9% life steal. Just curious if I could get a tals armor or something like deaths fathom for it.
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2021.10.22 12:48 snatchedcafe Look at this weird planet I found! It's a "Planet Of Light" and I have no idea what that means, but it does state that it is anomalous and has some wacky plants, animals, and minerals. Also it has a weird purple tint

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2021.10.22 12:48 everydaycarrycom Trending: Fox 40 Classic Official Whistle

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