Actually got it on release day!

2021.10.22 13:15 mouse_8b Actually got it on release day!

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2021.10.22 13:15 ElectronicFudge5 FOX Nation’s new series explores the infamous Long Island Serial Killer case

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2021.10.22 13:15 Zeuzkii Need help with car note

I need to make 400 dollars within the next day and I’m out of work due to covid. Can anyone help me out? A little goes a long way
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2021.10.22 13:15 BrindenLewis My [26/M] boyfriend [25/M] is moving states for work and doesn't want me to come with him

My current partner and I have been in a relationship for about a year now. The longest relationship he has ever had, and the longest "healthy" relationship I have had without having someone breaking up with me and getting back together, or doing the whole "lets take a break" thing.
He moved in with me a few months ago completely out of circumstance. His lease ended and needed a place to live without signing another lease because his job, prior, told him that they were transferring him to a new city by year end. I'm on a month-to-month lease with a 2 bedroom and my roommate was moving out and I needed someone to fill that room - the timeline lined up perfectly. Essentially, us choosing to live together without these circumstances probably wouldn't have happened. At the time of move in, we had only been in a relationship together for about 5/6 months.
Fast forward: We have enjoyed our time together and haven't had any problems. It's been an adjustment for him since I am his longest relationship and has never lived with someone he's dating. I, on the other hand, was in a relationship before him for 5 years. So, I've already had the experience of living with someone. He just found out that instead of moving cities (about 2 hours from where we are now) he has to move clear across the country. A few hour drive is manageable, but now we will have a 6 hour plane ride between us.
We have talked about what this means for us and our relationship. We are definitely in the beginning phase of our relationship so making choices seems to be a bit difficult. But, because I have had a long term relationship before, we are on 2 different pages. He wants to do long distance and I wouldn't mind relocating to a different state for a change of pace and experience. I grew up where we are now so getting away, for awhile, would be nice.
His reasoning for choosing to do long distance is that this move to a different state is not permanent. He is only doing it to move up in his career, take an opportunity, and to have worked for this company for enough time that it doesn't look bad on his resume (he's only been at this job for about 10 months and works in finance). He has also followed up with that statement stating that right now he wants to focus on his career but, yet, still wants us to be in a relationship, loves me, and doesn't want what we have to end. He just wants long distance and wants to 'make it work'. I find myself wanting quiet the opposite. I wouldn't mind moving and presented the idea of moving with him to this new state for a number of reasons: 1. I want to be there for him when he is adjusting to a new state and city, and work environment, 2. take the next step in our relationship and start creating a future, and 3. the financial incentive for me could be great (the city we live in is extremely expensive and where he is going is drastically cheaper in terms of rent).
I own a small business that requires me to meet with people face to face. My work is here, where we live, and I have built this company over the last few years. Before we were faced with some of these decisions, I had already wanted to change the structure of my business so that everything was done online and hire people to actually meet with these clients instead of me. It was always a way for me to work from anywhere I wanted so I could focus on other things that brought me joy, yet still having a reliable source of income. I have been working on this transition for about a year now but have been dragging my feet. Moving to this new state would finally give me the urge to kick myself into gear and finalize, hire, and launch this new format. This, however, is another reason why he doesn't want me to come. He doesn't think it's smart to run a business in a different state from where all of my clients are at. I have confidence in myself that I would make it work. I also told him that I would find an additional job in the next state. A job in a field I'm interested in for my next career move and also for the insurance benefits. I just turned 26 and my health insurance, etc. from my parents' plan is over and Im self employed so I don't get health insurance through a job. But, as stated, we live in an expensive area so I can't afford to hire people and get a job working for a company (I don't have a degree) to get insurance benefits. I have to do all of the work myself to be able to pay rent, etc. but don't make enough to pay the HUGE health insurance prices.
I've done the math, looked at jobs, and looked at rent pricing. I can easily implement my plan of action in this new state with him. I actually benefit from this move too. I told him that I wouldn't move if I didn't have someone hired here to take over the clients I have personally and if I didn't have a job in the new state (or at least multiple interviews lined up) to ensure that moving doesn't pose as any financial risk for us both. I even told him that we would take it month by month and if things aren't working out then I would come back here. No harm, no foul. My name wouldn't be on the lease and I didn't give up anything I wasn't already trying to do anyways. Unfortunately, he still doesn't want me to come and doesn't think its a good idea because he "wants to focus on work and his career". When we first got into a relationship he told me that he was very career oriented and would prioritize his career over a relationship and wanted to make sure that was okay with me before moving forward. I agreed. But didn't realize what that meant. I am career oriented and have chose my business over lots of things in the past. His is just at another level, I suppose.
I am at a loss for words because I feel like using "this is only temporary" and "I need to focus on my career" are excuses for not wanting to take the next step in our relationship. He's not from where we live and only lives here because of a job opportunity he had. He grew up and went to college in a different state so I don't see him coming back here for his "roots" or "home", so to speak. The only thing that is here are me and some friends that he has made. It would be easier if this was a temp move and that he would be coming back in the near future but he said, when we talked, that he doesn't know where he is going to end up after this job opportunity that is causing him to move to a new state. I feel like I would be waiting here, hoping that he comes back or hoping that when he moves to a more permanent place that he would want me to move there with him. The uncertainty is anxiety provoking. I love the relationship we are in which is why Im considering some changes in my life so that we can still move forward in our relationship.
Every time we talk, I do find that he gets upset. He mentioned that this is causing him a lot of stress [the move] and that my insecurities and hope of moving with him isn't making things any better. Maybe Im being dramatic, but I feel like this move will bring the end of our relationship. There isn't a light at the end of the tunnel - we have no plan. And, we can't make a plan because he doesn't know what is going to happen next... with his job or getting a new job. A part of me wants to end things because moving, and not making this decision together, isn't what I want. But, part of me trusts that he does want to stay in a relationship and that his logical mind could actually be accurate - maybe me leaving my life here to move with him to a place that is only temp isn't the best idea.
I would really like to make this move with him, grow on this journey, experience a new state, and then when another job opportunity for him comes up, we make another decision a TOGETHER about where that takes us. Ive voiced this verbatim with only a "no" and "I don't feel comfortable with that" response.
I'm conflicted. By him saying "no" to be coming with him on this move, I feel like he is saying "no" to our future and relationship.
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2021.10.22 13:15 The_Golden_Warthog If you think about it, it is really ALL the owners' faults. The dogs are blameless.

Think about it. I see the sentiment, "The owners are almost as bad as the dogs," all the time. But really, the owners are the only ones to blame. If none of the shit bulls' owners decided to get them in the first place, none of these incidents would happen. If none of the shitheads in the past decided to breed them, none of these incidents would happen. The dogs are just being themselves, doing what they're supposed to. It's the fact that the owners continue to buy, sell, and breed these things that they even exist.
So long rant short, never blame the dogs, blame the owners for allowing the dogs to even exist in the first place. If you have a different opinion on it, I'd love to chat in the comments.
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2021.10.22 13:15 Shibuyaart [PC] H: Gauss Rifle: BE15R Tesla Rifle: JE90, QE25V UC-Laser Rifle: QE15R, VE250, Q2525 Railways: AA/25FFR/15R, B2525, AA/E/50DR, Noc/50C/90, J/50C/90 Fixer: Mut/25FFR/15R Radium: Gour/25FFR/15C LMG: AA/E/25V Shotgun: Q/E/25V Pump, V/E/15C Double Collectable: Harpoon FE15C W: VE/? Laser rifle/Offers

W: VE/? Laser rifle/ legacy offers
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2021.10.22 13:15 TheCoalitionGroup [A3][Recruiting] - COALITION - Simply Fun Realism

Founded in 2016, Coalition is a gaming community centered around semi-realistic, biweekly Arma 3 operations without some of the bullshit that we experienced with other milsim groups.
We host 40-60 player sessions every Wednesday at 1900CST (UTC-5) and Saturdays at 1700CST (UTC-5) as well as a monthly 100+ player, 8 hour Co-op that is open to all public players and other Arma 3 Communities. While all of our sessions are open to the public, we're always looking for new members to join the Coalition Experience and become a part of our gaming family, because ultimately we're more than just an Arma group, we're a brotherhood that's there for each other through the good times and the bad
Things You Will Find in Coalition:

Things You Won't Find In Coalition:
If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of join our discord, check us out on Twitter
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2021.10.22 13:15 koolman631 Patriots’ K Nick Folk says he feels good despite appearing on the injury report the last few weeks.

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2021.10.22 13:15 EvaWolves TIL Audrey Hepburn had Frisian Nobility in Her Line..... Would you consider her One of you?

Its noteworthy enough that Wikipedia puts her among many lists of Frisian descent people esp those involving British ethnicity. With some minor nobility of Frisia in her DNA mixed in with the greater Heemstra bloodline in her veins.
Would you consider her one of you?
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2021.10.22 13:15 ghettocactus Companion plants for D. Marginata

Heya. So recently I have picked up a couple marginatas for a fireplace in my home that has a planter built in. I was curious what might go well with the draceanas. The area gets a considerable amount of light but not much wet. I know draceanas like to be kept slightly moist so I figured something that would like that as well. Thank you for your suggestions!
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2021.10.22 13:15 Due-Bit7782 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 year), The next Doge Dash! 🟡 From Based Dev

About us?
We are the best thing to happen to rewards tokens to date. We see ourselves as a long-term project and plan to work extraordinarily hard to deliver for our holders. Based on our project $ShibaDash rewards will be awarded in $SHIB. Therefore if you simply hold tokens 6% of rewards will be allotted in $SHIB!
Here at $ShibaDash, our goal is simple. We want to truly reward our holders. Most other reward tokens give out small rewards and they don’t really make it worthwhile to hold their token. We want to change all that. We’ve been working incredibly hard to find creative ways to make the best rewards token we possibly can. So here’s what we’re doing to change the game.
Now on top of all this we also have a really neat buy-back staking feature we’re going to be implementing at launch. After every buy and sell, 2% of the transaction is sent to a wallet. This wallet keeps building, then at a desired amount, we stake the holdings of the wallet. After staking is finished we use these funds to purchase $ShibaDash in times of low volume or during dips. Then these tokens are reflected back to our holders. That is three separate ways we reward you for buying and being a loyal holder. Coming in the following months after launch, we plan to release our own re-loadable crypto credit card! From our Rewards Hub, you will be able to choose the card as an option and the instantly have your rewards sent to the card in a usable currency. You will be able to make purchases anywhere that a regular credit card would be accepted. So surely you don’t want to miss out on our up coming presale, this is one true gem of a project. Be sure to join our telegram group and follow us on twitter for all the latest information!
Marketing Plan
💰We will have a large marketing push at this point and advertise EVERYWHERE, we aleready have a huge budged collected from external investors. Once we get some holders and some volume flowing, we are planning to apply on CoinGecko and we will have great exposure there. We have plans for billboards, websites, online literature website, and buy votes for every crypto charting and ranking platforms. After a successful push we hope to have roughly High active members in our Telegram group. 💪
6% Base Rewards This amount gets gets sent right back to our holders in the form of user-chosen rewards. 2% Liquidity This amount gets sent right to our Liquidity Pool 2% For Marketing These funds will be used for future marketing endeavours, such as billboards, online ads, AMA's, and giveaways. 1% For Future Development We have big plans here at ShibaDash rewards. The future plans for furthering our project is going to cost us money. These funds are strictly used to development the project further. 2% Staking Buy-Back These are the funds that get staked, then used as a buyback function, then the bought tokens get reflected back to holders.
📝 Whitepaper:
✅ Contract Address(Verified): 0x857904a3008b231fe0126f6ce23f14af15bd07c0
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 Liquidity LOCKED 1 YEAR
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2021.10.22 13:15 Katalagaaaa When y’all say “fapping ruined my brain” what do you mean?

I don’t get it
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2021.10.22 13:15 kev99100 iPhone 13 pro 1tb silver

Anyone order 1tb silver for AT&T, I ordered on September 24 with expected ship date of 10/22-10/29 and I have not seen any updates! Anyone with that same configuration and ship dates see any movement?
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2021.10.22 13:15 Killerqueen1970 Is there any way to get used to stripe patterns? (Read bellow pls)

We got this "beautiful" new gym in town, but for some reason they decided to build walls out of stripes of wood, horizontally, and the space between eschewed stripe is as big as the wood stripe, so you got this "delightful" stripe pattern all over the walls. I went there on Monday for the first time and went nuts. It hurts as hell, and I can't really focus on anything except for the floor. Is there any way one can get used to it?
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2021.10.22 13:15 Ron78xx you all know it

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2021.10.22 13:15 Vyrrez PVE tames would be amazing

No need to add new animals, so many look fantastic. Have us jewel craft a spirit contract to bind their spirit to ours, and fight a wild animal mob (lower than our level) until it's low and give us a chance to bind it.
Have the pets able to fight mobs but not other players. Have the damage they do be a percentage of the damage they do when wild, based on their level.
Have us level them based on what they would hunt in the wild. Have carnivores get exp through fighting, herbivores get exp through gathering.
If you also block summoning them in instances (dungeons) I don't think there'd be much needed for balancing, they'd just be an open world companion for people to grow. If they're bound on contract, then we won't have people hogging spawns and rare ones become a feat to achieve in PvE.
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2021.10.22 13:15 eminedgdfgfd Brane Capital President keynote speaker and panelist at the 2021 Canada FinTech Forum. Talking crypto and independent custody.

Jerome Dwight from Brane Capital, a leading independent cryptocurrency custody solutions provider, has been announced as a keynote speaker and panelist at the 2021 Canada FinTech Forum, taking place virtually on October 27-29.
Dwight is a former Chief Executive Officer of Canadian operations for Bank of New York Mellon, the world's largest custodian bank, and former Global Market Head for Royal Bank of Canada's International Wealth Management, Corporate, and Institutional businesses.
Dwight will explain why independent custody is a critical missing component in the Canadian crypto ecosystem.
"It's urgent that all market participants including policy makers, regulators, and financial institutions work together to create a sound regulatory environment and a resilient market ecosystem that will protect investors in cryptocurrencies and enable everyone to benefit from the economic opportunity of the world's new asset class," said Mr. Dwight. "With our cutting-edge technology, regulatory-first posture, strong leadership team, and commitment to independence, Brane will play a key role in bringing credibility, confidence, and security to the new financial services ecosystem. I look forward to sharing our perspective with participants across Canada and around the world at the Canada FinTech Forum."
Registration for the Canada FinTech Forum is available at
This is not financial advice.
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2021.10.22 13:15 The_Dunbar_Beam Animating grappling > Animating sex scenes

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2021.10.22 13:15 DarthDapor Prehistoric Thermonuclear Radio Tower Breadcrumbs

That title will make sense by the end.
What's up everyone, today in GTA Online I decided to visit one of my favorite landmarks: the Pink T Rex outside of Rex's diner. Because of course, dinosaurs are a lie. So I started looking for the usual Kifflom Brother Brother clues when something just stared me in the face when I noticed a nearby radio tower was lined up almost TOO perfectly with Mt Chiliad check it out the screenshot here.
It was just a hunch but I jumped into a helicopter to get a better view of the tower. It's VERY similar to the one ontop of the Epsilon Center, except this one is much more massive and has a square base, like the Cayo Perico radio tower. Just because I love wasting time I decided a flyby was in order. That's when things got a little crazier. In Sandy Shores found an identical tower completely in line with the first tower and My Chiliad. It's also worth noting these towers look a lot like cell phone towers, and yet they are the tallest man made objects along the trail. So I of course followed this all the way, trying to line up my flight as best I could, and ran straight into the Chiliad nuclear missile silo hatch.All 4 points are in a near perfect straight line.
Backtracking to Rex's Diner, I was baffled, and wondering what this could mean. I haven't completed the doomsday heist yet, but from what I've read the radio towers seem unconnected. That's when I noticed another clue. The head of the Pink T Rex, and the log directly in front of the Dino are pointing straight the direction of the hidden cove on the eastern shore, over the next hill. All of these 5 points are at least roughly aligned and I have absolutely no idea if it's supposed to mean the end of ALL of that, I still have no idea if this trail of radio tower breadcrumbs is supposed to lead anywhere.
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2021.10.22 13:15 ZachariahVaughnSmith Guys...

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2021.10.22 13:15 PunkkindHD H: sole survivor W: ….. anything worth?

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2021.10.22 13:15 Sosuke7964 Is it ever ok to make a generalization about a group of people?

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2021.10.22 13:15 FactaNonVerba1313 [WTS] 12.5 upper, zenitco weapon light, 1-8 FFP Lpvo, aero spr mount, radio, few small items, various $ (MI)

What’s up y’all, I’ve got some stuff for sale! PayPal account is currently frozen so I can do venmo only currently. Prices are shipped unless otherwise stated.
First up, I’ve got an upper that I’ve put together but hasn’t been shot. Parts list is an upper receiver I got off here, there’s a bit of wear on it and the dust cover spring needs replaced but besides that it’s fine. It’s got a brand new rosco 12.5 barrel, and a brand new 7 inch mlok rosco rail. It has an aero gas block and tube, brand new. There’s an aero front flip sight, but the kac rear sight is not included. $325.
Next, an brand new atibal 1-8 first focal place lpvo. The scope has been put in a mount but has never made it onto a gun and has never been shot. It comes with the box. $320.
Next, a brand new never shot aero spr mount. 30mm. No box. $60.
Next up is for you tarkov boys. Zenitco klesch light. It has been mounted but has not been shot and is in great condition. Comes with the pressure cable but not the original packaging. $155.
Tyt md-2017 radio. Perfect condition. Included charger and programming cable. $70.
Circle 10 7.62x39 5 round mag. Never used. $30.
Magpul mount hook thing. Little to no salt. $25 alone or $20 with something else.
Bcm vert grip. Rattlecanned but perfectly function. $20 alone or $15 with something else.
If you want to make my day and take everything then I’ll do it all for $750! If you want more pics let me know! Thanks y’all!
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2021.10.22 13:15 tehclubbmaster Best LHR mining software?

I have a 3080 LHR and want to get the most out of it. Have currently been testing trex, gminer, and lolminer. I have noticed that trex doesn’t seem to be able to get a stable hashrate. Varies from like 69-74. It doesn’t report the on pool hashrate which is what actually matters. Meanwhile, in my few tests I have seen that gminer hits a steady 69-70 MH, but have seen it outperform this on pool. 12 hours last night it mined and pool hashrate was 74 based on accepted shares. Now trying lolminer which hits almost 72 MH. The pool side hashrate is a little lower I think mostly due to it locking up and calibrating the LHR settings. I have gminer tuned now so slightly unfair cause it doesn’t pause every 10-20 mins to change the LHR setting. But curiously it seems to outperform its reported hashrate. Granted this is on a gaming pc that typically doesn’t mine for more than 12 hours in a row.
Wondering what others are seeing. Using gmine 2.70 and lolminer 1.34.
Just wondering what others are experiencing
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2021.10.22 13:15 natbert-gangster2 Embrace it . . .

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